About us

Global Export India is one of the leading steel forging manufacturers. We have served all major industries such as Construction, Railways, Mechanical industries, Oil refineries, Mining industry, etc. We have a wealth of experience working as a forging parts manufacturer- Three decades to be exact. We have the depth and the width of experience in the industry. We proudly proclaim to be the leaders in the industry.

We deliver sophisticated industrial components with zero defects. All our components are finished to perfection. As a leading forging parts manufacturer, we offer cost-effective options along with timely delivery. As we serve the leading industries of the world, we also take care of our social responsibilities. We are a society-conscious corporate entity that participates in the welfare of the people.

We work to become the best steel forging manufacturers in the industry. We strive to accomplish our vision by maintaining a stringent quality of the components we deliver. We also ensure customer satisfaction through services that exceed expectations. It is possible to achieve 100% customer satisfaction if we work in the right direction- this is our belief. We had a rough ride in our three decades of experience, but we never left the side of integrity and honesty.

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in the forging manufacturing industry. We strive to achieve this by onboarding the right talent on our team and by growing as an organization. We are sure our vision will become a reality soon. In the manufacturing space, we are one of the few forging parts manufacturers growing at an exceptional rate.